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About Denise Dainty

British Ugandan Denise Dainty is an entrepreneur, actress, model and influencer who continues to build a promising career in entertainment. The London based beauty who has never desired a life in the spotlight started getting noticed for her infectious personality that is relatable and familiar to many within Black British culture.


After being convinced she had a place within the growing culture where she can contribute to its continued development, Denise expanded her visibility outside of hosting events and modelling. Her voice began to grow, which later led her to acting and becoming an imperative authentic voice. A featured
guest on the “Halfcast Podcast”, Nines ‘Crabs In A Bucket’ film (released alongside his album that went to number 1 in the U.K. Official Albums Chart.), Stormzy “Too Big For Your Boots”, Dave & D Block Europe “Play For Keeps” and her podcast Pretty Privilege with co-hosts Brooke and April.

Denise has built core audiences ranging from the hood chick to the luxury housewife, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Empowered by her environment and audience she has built, Denise is ready to

make her stamp starting her own talk show, “Rare Talks”.

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