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“Rare Talks” is a new digital series giving audiences an inside look into the lives of sports personalities, artists and entrepreneurs. The series of intimate one to one conversations will highlight the elite members of black culture, entertainment and entrepreneurship. 

Episode Three: Whitney Boateng

This episode Whitney and Denise discuss her journey into live music and becoming an agent, the struggles of being an agent during lockdown and what it was like steering into her power and following the path she felt was made for her.

Episode Two: Sheniece Charway

This episode Denise and YouTube Artist Relations Manager Sheniece discuss her come up into the music industry, how she found her way to becoming a poignant figure within Black music culture, her upbringing and the projects she had been working on as well as advice for the youth who want to walk a similar career path.

Episode One: Br3nya & Hemah

This episode focuses on the careers of the talented sisters Br3nya and Hemah. They discuss their background, being a recording artist and a presenter, coming of age in the industry, relationships, misconceptions of Black Women within their industries and more.

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